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VII - Revelation

Jesus had a message to the persecuted Church in the first century. That message is just as pertinent today

The Holy Spirit Sermon Series

How to Win Within

How to Win Within

If you want to learn how to speak Spanish, you can enroll in class. If you want to figure out how to change the blades on your lawn mower, you can YouTube the instructions. And if you are looking for ways to improve your wardrobe, you can download a fashion app. Our world is full of Master Classes, and self-help TED Talks that could potentially improve our lives. From better toothpaste to better work out routines, we have tons of information to help us win- on the outside. But where do we go for help on the inside? Where can we go to grant us a heart full of peace and joy? In this new sermon series, we will explore ancient disciplines that are designed to help us bring calm and order to our inside world. We will do this by observing people that actually practiced the discipline, looking for clues as to how these actions may help us. What we will discover is that following these practices can help reduce stress and open our minds to new insights.
You can become a winner on the inside. And if the Bible is correct, this could change everything about your outer world as well.

So, how do we begin? We must recognize the tyranny our digital devices have over our souls.

To win the war, we must damage the bridge that traffics right into our hearts.

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