Holy Spirit – He Leads Us to New Cities
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Sermon #11, He Leads Us to New Cities

Main Passage: Acts 16:6-40


Following the promptings of the Holy Spirit requires us to maintain sensitive hearts as well as strategic minds. This has always been true, but in today’s context creative thinking is absolutely essential for a church to survive. Today we will note how Paul the Apostle stayed attuned to the promptings of the Spirit. The big lesson we can learn here is this- new places call for new strategies. The message remains the same, but the way we deliver this must adapt. This tension is nothing less than the working of God’s Spirit in our lives.



Introduction to Philippi

Everything was different here compared to other cities. There was hardly a trace of monotheism. No synagogue was available as a handy place to gather with Jews. There were no friendly Christ followers to assist with housing. This was a brand-new city and necessitated a brand-new approach.  What this really requires is openness to the Spirit’s prompting. And Paul’s nimble obedience led to one of the most important congregations in the First Century.


  1. The Holy Spirit played a commanding role in mission focus. (16:6, 7)
    1. God’s Voice was speaking internally.
    2. God’ Voice was confirmed in a plurality.
  2. God’s Spirit led them to a place where strategies did not work. (Acts 16:11-15)
    1. Here are the times Paul used the Synagogue.
      1. Acts 6:9, 13:42, 14:1, 17:1, 18:4, 18:19, 19:18
      2. Here he conducted ministry where the people are located.


  1. The Gospel penetrated the culture that was full of hurting people. (Acts 16:16-21)


Pause for a moment and consider.

  • Do we have hurting people in our midst?
  • How would a meaningful relationship with Christ change that?


  1. Paul later wrote encouragement to this group of believers (Phil 1:1-6)
    1. Paul wanted to encourage all the saints (no matter how they got started in the faith, vs 1:1-2)
    2. Paul reminded them of the grace that was available
  • Paul reminded them that God is not finished with them (v. 6)



Be prayerful.

Be open.

Be ready.


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