Tearing Down 7 Modern-Day Idols

When modern people hear the word “idolatry” they probably think of ancient, civilizations bowing before a carved stone image. With weird rituals these unenlightened tribes would give an offering to a statue. We often wonder why in the world would anyone arrange their life around such grand myths. Can’t they see, we ask, that giving your life to this idol will not bring any happiness or satisfaction. What a waste!
But more is happening here than meets the eye. Most of these ancient religious practices were trying to pursue two things: control of circumstances and ultimate meaning of life. When viewed through these two lenses we see the people of antiquity are much more like us than we first thought. Don’t we long for the same things?
We, like them, are looking for ways to control our current realities, while also hungry to discover the true meaning of our lives. But just like the ancient we are drawn to our own modern-day idols or grand myths. And the one true God of the Bible has a clear message for us. These modern idols, which are not really that different from the ancient ones, cannot bring us ultimate fulfilment or control. So, idols are not just ancient history. Idols are here with us today.
In this new series, we will identify, and then tear down 7 modern day idols that often find their way into our hearts. We will replace each of these idols with healthy view of the one supreme God who loves use and wants the best for us.


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