VII #10: The Final Outcome
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Sermon 10: The Final Outcome

Key Verse: Revelation 19-22

Interpretive Options

  • Revelation is a panoramic view of history (Historicist)
  • Revelation is mainly predicting future events before the end of times (Futurist)
  • Revelation is speaking of events that happened in the 1st century (Preterist)
  • Revelation is highlighting the cycles of power and destruction symbolically (Idealist)

Big Picture

  • The Fall of Babylon (a portrait Rome and of the reoccurring cycles of powerful, but corrupt governments)
  • The Final Battle (Jesus will triumph with Truth and Justice)
  • The New Heaven and Earth (Jesus will make all things new)

How will we survive (Revelation 12:10-11)?

  • By the Blood of the Lamb
  • And Our Testimonies
  1. Christ-followers will experience a reality completely made new (21:1-7) – No matter if the terms are highly symbolic or tend in a more literal direction, the vision of this reality indicates a complete reordering of time, space and matter. Gravity does not seem to work in the exact same way in this world. But many similar features remain intact.
    1. The Old reality has passed away (2 Peter 3:8-13)
    2. Heaven and Earth will mesh into one reality (vs 2-3, 10)
      1. We will no longer need to pray “thy will be done on earth as it is heaven” for no separation will exist between these two realities
    3. The physical structure will be radiant, glorious and vast (11-21)
    4. There is (vs 22-23)
      1. no temple- for the presence of God saturates everything
      2. No Sun or moon- for the glory of God gives light
    5. A diversity of the ethnicities will be active
      1. We will maintain our ethnic identity, but these will be surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus
      2. These verses reflect lively, productive human life and commerce on a renewed earth. Its redeemed people move in and out of the city that forms the center of God’s new creation. They use their creative skills and crafts (24, 26), till and tend the fruitful earth (22:2-3a) learn and grow, (22:2e) and worship God with direct intimacy and commitment
    6. This new heaven and earth will be a return to and an expansion of the Garden of Eden. The final chapter reveals what could have been the future for the first family in the. If they would have continued to trust in God’s faithful wisdom, they could have extended their Garden into a global city of harmony and beauty.
    7. Resources will be plentiful
      1. River of life
      2. Tree of Life
  • Nothing will be accursed
  1. The nations will be healed (22:3)
    1. Iraqis and Americans will be healed
    2. Germans and French will be healed
  • Pakistanis and Afghans will be healed
  1. This is going to happen (22:6)
  2. We are to work until He returns (22:11-12)


Consider all the wonderful features of the new Heaven and Earth. Which one are you most looking forward to?

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