Wisdom in our Speech
Rusty Wirt   -  

Title: Wisdom in our Speech

Main Verse: James 3:1-12


Key Thought: The words we say to people around us may not seem like a big deal. But James disagrees. He sees words as small things that have a huge impact on others. This teaching indicates to the church that we should carefully evaluate our words, as they help form our relationships with brothers and sisters in Christ.


The basic building blocks of any relationship is good communication. So, if you have a relationship that you don’t like, the first thing to examine are your words.


Supporting Points:

Introduction: Words are powerful. Words coming from a teacher carry even more weight. Words of a teacher in the church carry eternal significance.


  1. Teachers have a greater responsibility and a greater judgement (3:1)
    1. The Church pursued radical equality in value
    2. The Church recognized various roles in influence
  2. Controlling your speech leads your life (3:3-6)
    1. There is great wisdom in doing this Proverbs 10:8, 11, 21, 11:9; 12:18, 25; 13:13
    2. Notice how powerful your words are
      • Bridle
      • Rudder
      • Spark
    3. The point is that in one sense, the reaction seems out of proportion to action.
  1. The consequences of not controlling our speech are clear (3:3-6 a little deeper)
    1. Enters you into a world of wrong doing (steering)
    2. Makes you look bad (corrupts)
    3. Can burn down relationships (set’s your life on fire)



P-15 Checklist (Proverbs 15)

This past week, did your words:

  • Turn away wrath (15:1)
  • Bring knowledge (15:2)
  • Give life (15:4)
  • Teach (15:7)
  • Invite knowledge (15:14)
  • Calm a quarrel (15:18)
  • Seek wise counsel (15:22)
  • Give a thoughtful answer (15:28)


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