VII #5: Message to the Church in Pergamos
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Sermon 5: Message to the Church in Pergamos

Key Verse: Revelation 2:12-17


Christ-followers are called to live in the world, love the people in this world but not be of this world. Obvious and not-so-obvious tensions arise from such a situation. How do we contrast ourselves with our beliefs and behaviors and yet maintain a commitment of love toward those who are different than us? This is the exact same spot the church in Pergamum is in. Part of a proper response to these tensions is connected to our willingness to embrace suffering. Along the way, we will see that Jesus encourages these believers to remain faithful even though dark forces are swirling all around them.



  1. Christ followers can survive (and thrive) in a secular environment such as in the city of Pergamum (Pergamos)
    1. They held fast to my name (identity with Christ) (v. 13)
    2. “YET” they did not deny my faith (beliefs about Christ) (v. 13)
    3. But here is the difference- The church survived in a secular environment because it was not afraid of martyrdom. (v. 13)
    4. A church that is not willing to face martyrdom in the face of a secular environment will not have great success in reaching that environment.
      1. John was boiled in a vat of oil. The result: everyone in the Colosseum was converted.
      2. Relay the story of Jesus’ crucifixion- truly this was the Son of God
    5. A watching world remains unconvinced of Christianity not because we talk about a suffering, resurrected savior. The watching world remains unconvinced because we Christians are not willing to suffer for the resurrected savior. Our allergic reaction to martyrdom makes Christianity look weak and lifeless.
  2. Christ followers must be careful about what is being taught inside the church by avoiding these two groups
    1. The teaching of Balaam (2 Peter 2:15)
      1. A true prophet with a wicked heart
      2. Ministry was all about a profit
    2. The teaching of Nicolaitans
      1. Probably a group of antinomians
      2. Thus, encouraging sexual promiscuity
  • The commonality is synchronistic behavior with the surrounding culture
  1. Christ followers will be rewarded by Christ, Himself
    1. Special Nourishment (This was the manna that was placed in the Ark of the Covenant, but later retrieved by Jeremiah. Jewish tradition states that this heavenly food was hidden underground in Mt Nebo and was to be retrieved at the return of the Messiah)
    2. Special Admission into a banquet (a token for admission, especially to gladiators at games)



Commit to mention your relationship with Christ in your conversations this week.

Identify a way that you can embrace (even if just slightly) the spirit of martyrdom.


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