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Sermon Series: The First Christmas

Sermon 3: Joseph (Matthew 1:18-25)


The Big Idea

God has a plan. This remains true during detours, delays, and downturns. One way we can maintain faith in God’s provision is by examining many of the prophecies stated in the Old Testament. Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Shane Rosenthal who an expert in this field. Shane is the founder and host of a popular podcast called the Humble Skeptic. His personal story and scholarly attention illustrate the certainty of God’s care over our world.



when the bright, shiny future you had so diligently planned is right now being smashed into tiny little pieces by the reality you are now experiencing?



Even when things seem out of control, God is in control.



If God has a plan, then what do I do. . .?

  1. You consider (ἐνθυμέομαι) (Matthew 1:18-20) – meaning, to turn over in your mind, revolve it around mentally.


Key Question

What is it that God could be doing

-in me

-for me

-to me, or

-through me

in the midst of this trial?


  1. Let God speak in the way HE chooses. (Matthew 1:20-23)



  1. Do what God says. (Matthew 1:24)



If it is true that God can be trusted to bring salvation to this world, then do you think He can trusted to stabilize your world?