Holy Spirit- He Opens Doors of Opportunity
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Sermon #12 He Opens Doors of Opportunity

Main Passage: Acts 17:16-34


While Paul was waiting on some friends in the City of Athens, The Holy Spirit stirred something on the inside of him as he was taking in the sights and sounds of the city. This sinking feeling concerning the city’s idols became a catalyst for Paul to engage the people in meaningful conversations. This approach was not overly successful, but it was completely faithful. And sometimes we are confronted with situations where the goal is not to be successful in winning everyone but being faithful to just one. Paul did so, even though his audience was skeptical.


  1. Paul allowed the Holy Spirit to speak to him concerning the spiritual condition of the city.
    1. He was provoked (deeply troubled)
    2. Key Question- what troubles you about the city you live in? Is this trouble related to the lostness of its citizens?
  2. Paul was confronted with various religions and philosophies.
    1. Idol worshippers (17:16)
    2. Jews and God-Fearing Gentiles (17:17)
    3. Epicureans (v. 18)
    4. Stoics (v. 18)
    5. The Gospel message can be used to address people from all walks of life.
  3. Paul’s posture before this pre-Christian crowd is instructive.
    1. Paul starts where they are (vs 22-23)
    2. Then he moves the conversation to that of the monotheism (17:24-29)
    3. Then he leads them to the resurrection of Jesus (vs. 30-31)
  4. Many people rejected the idea of resurrection.
    1. Some will reject this message.
      1. Some because they don’t like the idea of a resurrection.
      2. Some because they don’t like the idea of repenting.
    2. Preach it anyway.



Take a moment to reflect on your community/city? What about it deeply troubles you? Pray for your city today and write down one way you can bring about some hope.




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