Identity – Church Clothes
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Sermon Notes

Main Verse: (Col. 3:1-17)

Key Thought: Paul now leads the church to divert its attention away from the outside forces swirling around. He challenges them to focus their hearts on Christ. He then lists the important behaviors that are Christ-honoring. This means our choices do matter in God’s kingdom activity. And if we understand our true identity inside of Christ- this will result in some very important behaviors.

Supporting Points:

  1. Our behavior is important and spiritual (3:1-4)
    • Set your
      • The mind of things above (v. 2)
      • Heart on things above (v. 4)
  2. We must put to death two types of sin (3:5-11)
    • Sexual Sins (vs. 5-7)
      • “sexual immorality”- an inclusive term that refers to a wide range of sexual behaviors outside the bonds of marriage or celibacy
      • These include viewing pornography, adultery, fornication and homosexual relations.
    • Sins of Anger (vs. 8-11)
      • Anger
      • Rage
      • Malice
      • Slander
      • Filthy language
    • When you treat people as objects of sexuality or targets for anger then you are devaluing them as humans.
  3. Put on your church clothes (3:12-14)
    • Paul’s expression of “put on” denotes the way we as believers inside the church, present ourselves to the watching world.
    • Compassion
    • Kindness
    • Gentleness
    • Patience
    • Forgiveness
    • Love


Look over the virtue list. Mark the ones that you struggle to demonstrate. Make a commitment to activate this very behavior this week. Write down one clear way to do that.

Discussion Questions


  1. According to Colossians, our behavior is significant. We are to set our minds on things above, not on earthly things (3:2). How can we, as believers, do what Paul is encouraging?
  1. Pastor Rusty notes that we are to put to death sexual sins (5-7). The Greek word here speaks of a wide range of inappropriate sexual behavior. While you may or may not struggle with all the sexual sins most promoted in our culture, how well are you dealing with sexual temptation?
  1. Pastor Rusty also observes we are to put to death “sins of anger” (8-11). The words the verses use to describe these sinful behaviors are: 1) Anger, 2) Rage, 3) Malice, 4) Slander, and 5) Filthy language. Which of these five angry behaviors do you struggle with the least? Which of the five do you struggle with most?
  1. Rate yourself on how well you are controlling your temper using a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being not at all and 10 being perfect.
  1. Pastor Rusty observes that when we treat people as objects of sexuality or targets of our anger, we are devaluing them as humans. Reflect on a time when someone mistreated you in one of these ways. How did it make you feel? Have you mistreated someone in one of these two ways?
  1. In verses 12-14, the Apostle Paul tells us we’re to clothe ourselves with these six godly traits, which Pastor Rusty refers to as “church clothes.” Reflect on each characteristic on this list: 1) Compassion, 2) Kindness, 3) Gentleness, 4) Patience, 5) Forgiveness and 6) Love. Which godly characteristic do you find easiest to put into practice?


  • Look over the godly characteristics listed on question six above and mark the ones you most struggle to demonstrate.
  • Make a commitment to activate that behavior this week.
  • Write down one clear way you plan to put that behavior into practice in your life this week for each of the characteristics with which you are struggling.
  • Ask God to help you with your commitment or commitments.

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