VII – #3: Message to the Church in Ephesus
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VII – #3: Message to the Church in Ephesus

Key Verse: Revelation 2:1-7


We all know the surge of excitement when we begin something new. Our neurons fire up dopamine as we dive into some adventurous journey. This experience can be seen with new romantic relationships or welcoming a new child or launching into a new career.  We greet this new chapter with fresh legs, grand excitement, and a burning passion. But the passage of time has a way of grinding away all that energy. As weeks turn into years, we see our zeal and zip zapped with frustration and boredom. Tasks that were once accepted with enthusiasm are now viewed as unwelcomed interruptions. We continue to show up, but some days we are ready to give up. Such was the case with the Church at Ephesus. They did many things right, mind you. Yet they had forgotten the most important thing. Fortunately, Jesus reminds them and us how critical it is to not just believe the right things- but to pursue the right goal. And the goal this church had forsaken was love. If you seem a little weary, then listen closely to John as he relays Jesus’ guidance to this important congregation.



  • Knows each church
  • Loves each church
  • Tells the truth to each church


Our cultural moment is not the authoritative voice for the church

Our personal inclinations are not the authoritative voice for the church


Jesus loves us enough to tell us the truth. Jesus is strong enough to tell us the truth.



  1. A Word of Encouragement for Ephesus
  • They were active in service to the community.
  • They persevered in their commitments even though they were a small minority.
    • Notice the Cultural and Religious Influences in Ephesus
      • Hosted three temples for the Imperial Cult (viewing the emperor with divine attributes and worshipping him as a god-like figure)
      • A major center for the Worship of Artemis (a goddess of nature and fertility)
      • Maintained a large Jewish community and synagogue
      • Known for many transient prophets and teachers
      • This was a main port of commerce and trade
    • So, the influences there were Political, Cultural, Religious, financial, and a few fringe groups.
  • They carefully screened their leaders
  • They were gutsy
  1. The Problem: A Word of Correction for Ephesus
  • They had forsaken the main thing – emulating the love of Christ
  • Does the unchurched person know that they are loved by you and Christ
    • Christ loved by passionately dying
    • We love practically serving


    3. A Word of Instruction for Ephesus

  • Repent (turn away from something)
    • Fear
    • Apathy
  • Return (turn back to something)
    • Courage
    • Compassion

Jesus is just as concerned about your love for the Bible on your phone as He is about the people on your street.



Start loving someone that Jesus has been loving for a long time.


Table Talk Card

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