Wisdom for Applying the Scriptures
Rusty Wirt   -  

Title: Wisdom for Applying the Scriptures

Main Verse: James 1:22-27


Key Thought:  Here is an assessment: the church is overloaded with Bible study and deficient with Bible application. James challenges the Jerusalem church with this very reality by exposing this same deficiency. What is the solution to this problem? Activate in our lives what the word teaches. Does he give any examples? Yes. And these examples showed the church should be ready to engage in pressing social crises of our day.


What is a Pharisee?

A member of an ancient Jewish sect, distinguished by strict observance of the traditional and written law and commonly held to have pretensions to superior sanctity.


Supporting Points:

  • Trials require us to not only avoid temptations, but to also carefully apply the Scriptures (1:22)
  • Be careful – you can Bible study your way to self-deception
  • Bible study is important, but it is incomplete in and of itself
  • The Scriptures act as a reflection in our souls (1:23-25).
  • Ancient mirrors were “generally made of polished bronze and copper, they produced dim and warped reflections (and thus requiring careful examination)
  • The perfect law (this would include the Torah, Christ’s teachings, and the gospel)
  • The Word
  • Reflects back to us what is really going on inside of us
  • Is perfect
  • Gives freedom
  • Brings blessing (if you do it)
  • What does this application look like (1:26-27)?
  • My mouth: bridled
  • My life: pure
  • My actions: outwardly focused on the hurting



One this scale between hearer and doer, where are you?


Totally a Hearer <——> Totally a Doer


How are you doing with:

  • Your trials (are you considering)?
  • Your temptations (are your sins growing)?
  • Your anger (are you listening)?

Take notes below