Holy Spirit -He Helps Us Obey
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Sermon # 6 He Helps Us Obey

Main Verses: (Acts 5:17-41)

Obedience to God often requires courage. This courage is especially needed when Christ followers are confronted with prickly ethical issues. For example, is it ever appropriate for a believer to disobey a man-made law? Today we will examine a story that sheds some light on how we can respond when the authorities are standing against the mission of the church. The deeper question here is this- do we obey God or man. And in these critical moments what is revealed is our reliance on (or lack of reliance on) God’s Spirit. In today’s passage we will examine how the disciples displayed a deep reliance on the Holy Spirit. While the word the “Holy Spirit” only appears once in this story, His influence is felt all throughout.

Key Moments

  1. The culture tries to limit the movement of the mission (5:17-18)
  2. God provides an opportunity for the believers (5:19-21 [literally, an open door])
  3. The Culture reacts to the believer’s obedience (5:21b-25)
  4. The Believers respond to the direct orders of the officials (5:26)
  • (Option A) Choose controversy.
  • (Option B) Choose a peaceful conclusion.
  • The leaders choose a peaceful conclusion (even though they had the power)
  1. The Culture responds to the believer’s disobedience (5:27-28)
  2. The Believers repeat the message of the Gospel (5:29-32)
  3. A word of wisdom comes from the oppressors (5:34-39)

Key Lessons

  • When are we justified in disobeying man’s rules?
    • When you have a direct revelation from God (5:20)
    • When the Gospel message is at stake (5:29-32)
  • What should we do when we engage in divinely guided disobedience?
    • Trust God in when you disobey the civil laws (5:21)
    • Trust God when you receive civil discipline (5:26, 40)
    • Why can you trust God when you are disciplined?

(Because if it is from God, you can’t stop it)

  • How should we respond when we are punished by civil authorities?
    • Consider this suffering as a way toward Christlikeness (5:41)
    • Keep clarifying that Jesus is the Messiah (5:42)

Consider Luke’s final commentary on Paul’s house arrest (28:30-31)



Do you think you would be willing to suffering for sharing what Jesus has done for you?

What small sacrifice can you make this week in an expression of your faith?

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