Holy Spirit- He Creates Unity Through Healthy Debate
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Sermon: 10 He Creates Unity Through Healthy Debate

Main Passage: Acts 15:1-21



Conflict that is unresolved doesn’t go away.

It either goes internal or virial.


Unresolved Conflict keeps us from the better work.


Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we see how the early church handled conflict.


We have lost the ability to have healthy discussions about disagreements. But there is a better way. And in the technical language of this passage, we see how disagreements over BIG issues can be best addressed.


  1. The people involved clarified what the debate was. (vs. 1-2, 5)

-Dispute (στάσις)- standing, the setting of statue, or the place one stands.

-Debate (ζήτησις)- a seeking out, an enquiry, a subject of questioning.

Declare your position.

(instead of demeaning the other position)

Ask key questions.

(instead of attacking the other person)


Remember: When emotions run high- communication often runs low.


  1. Important disagreements are best discussed face to face (not Facebook to Facebook).

       (Acts 15:3)


  1. Both sides maintain a cordial attitude during the discussions. (15:4)

Welcome (παραδέχομαι)- to admit i.e. not to reject, to accept, receive of a son: to acknowledge as one’s own

Here are two key things that can flow from a welcoming attitude:

  • Information can be exchanged from both sides (vs. 7, 12)
  • Facts can emerge (vs. 8-12)


  1. And for Christ Followers, theological points must be affirmed and grounded in the Scriptures.




  • Set aside time for important discussions.
  • Disagreeing does not mean disavowing.
  • And listen to learn.


When listening stops, so does learning. Who do you need to listen to?




On a scale from 1 -10 (with one being someone who rejects dismissively other viewpoints to 10 one who thoughtfully, carefully entertains various perspectives) rate yourself on your listening skills. How good are you at listening to people with whom you disagree? How might you increase your listening skills?



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