VII – #2: Jesus The Central Figure 
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Sermon 2: Jesus The Central Figure

Key Verse: Various Verses in Revelation 1


Many come to the book of Revelation looking for secret timelines of major world events. Others scour this document to locate details concerning the identity of the Anti-Christ. Unfortunately, in this fervor for hidden meanings and deep spiritual insights, readers overlook the central figure- Jesus, Himself. John, however, does not intend for us to bypass the person and power of Jesus. The author goes to great lengths to write down some of the most profound titles ascribed to Jesus in the entire Bible. By examining these descriptors, we are reminded of just what kind of Savior we have in Jesus and why He is completely worthy of our devotion and obedience.



To you, who is Jesus?


John still believed even though-

  • His Rabbi was beaten, scorned, and then crucified
  • His Jewish homeland was torn to shreds by Rome
  • His friends all faced martyrdom
  • He was detained and dipped in a vat of boiling oil by Domitian
  • He was forced to drink poison
  • He was imprisoned in Patmos


Ten Magnificent Titles for Jesus (Rev. 1)

  1. Jesus Christ (v. 1)
    1. Jesus, the one chosen to suffer, is also the anointed Messiah
    2. This apocalypse is from Him
    3. He who is currently unseen will soon be revealed
  2. Who was and is and is to come (v. 4)
    1. John is now describing the true source of the authority
    2. Jesus is pure existence in the past, and present and will be arriving soon.
    3. You cannot really have Jesus as a Savior if you don’t see Him as the returning Lord.
  3. The faithful witness (v. 5)
    1. Jesus is the ultimate witness of God. No one better communicates who God is than Jesus the Son.
  4. Firstborn of the dead (v. 5)
    1. This is an oxymoron statement
    2. Jesus’ resurrection is the prototype for future resurrections
    3. John’s belief in this was enhanced since he faced the possibility of an early demise
  5. Ruler over kings of the earth (v. 5)
    1. Jesus is the ultimate Davidic king
    2. His reign will be completely manifested at some point in human history
    3. That this will happen is a certainty in John’s mind (11:15, 17:14, 19:16)
  6. Him who loves us (v. 5)
    1. Christ’s reign is not one of cold, transactional force, but it is deeply motivated by love. This is a present tense verb which indicates ongoing action.
    2. His love has freed us. What a powerful phrase for John the prisoner to use
  7. Alpha and Omega (v. 8)
    1. Look at this closely- This is a direct address from God Himself
    2. This phrase is a merism where two extremes are mentioned in order to include all that lies between.
  8. Son of Man
    1. Jesus’ favorite phrase of himself in the Gospel
    2. He is the full intention of humanity- the ultimate human, the perfect Adam.
  9. First and Last (v. 17)
    1. Jesus is eternal.
    2. Through Him, all things were created
    3. Through Him all things will be consummated
  10. The Living one (v. 18)
    1. Jesus is alive and brings life
    2. We need not fear death if we are associated with Jesus



Because Jesus is the full representation of God’s power, majesty and holiness, He has ever right to speak to the Church.



  • You can start a relationship with the same Jesus
  • John 3:16
    • God loves
    • God gave
    • We believe
    • We receive





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