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Practical Tips 

Main Verse: Col. 4:2-6

Key Thought: Paul has discussed some weighty principles of behavior for the Christ followers inside this church. He now gives some very practical instructions about their behavior both in their internal and external worlds. His two main topics here are how we should speak to God and how we should speak to those away from God. These insights are still relevant for the church today.

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Supporting Points:

Paul gives practical guidance on how to maintain our internal conversations with God and external conversations with those who are away from God (Col 4:2-6).

  1. Internal – Be Prayerful (vs. 2-3)
    • Seek God’s will
    • Watch God’s work
    • Thank God for his ways
    • Support God’s workers
  2. External – Be Wise with…
    • Wise- (σοφος), a cognitive understanding how the world works based upon consistent observation
    • Outsiders – the New Testament identifies those who were not a part of the family of God.
    • Opportunities- don’t burn a Gospel conversation over a
      • A petty dispute
      • A personal conviction
      • A weird experience
    • Your speech
      • This assumes you are talking with non-church people
      • FULL Grace
      • Just the right amount of salt
      • You know how to answer (the Apologetics of the salt [or the Gospel])


  • Review last week’s conversations with others
  • Recognize any adjustments you need to make
    • Were you Wise?
    • Or did you waste an opportunity?

Table Talk Card

Please use these questions throughout the week to discuss the message with family and friends.



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