Identity – Jesus is Enough
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Sermon Notes

Main Verses: (Col 1:15-23)

Key Thought: Previously, Paul mentioned that we, as saints, have been rescued into a kingdom of light. Then, with intense imagery from the Bible, Paul illuminates the King of this Kingdom. When we are shaken by pressures from this world, we must focus on Jesus’ true nature and identity. During seasons of stress, we may wonder where God is in the midst of this suffering. Paul’s response is to set our minds on the person of Jesus. Knowing who Jesus is, we better understand who we are and belong. So, we can improve our own understanding of our identity when we begin to comprehend the majestic identity of Jesus, our true king.

Two Challenges Facing the Church at Colossae

  • Pressures from the outside (misalignment with the culture)
  • Theological misunderstandings on the inside (misalignment with doctrine)

Paul’s Strategy for these Challenges

  • Make a big deal out of Jesus

Key Question:

How central is Jesus to your relationship with the culture and your theology?

The better personal understanding you have of Christ, the sturdier your personal theology will be.

Supporting Points (Col 1:15:21)

  1. Paul, while in prison, is inspired to write a poem about the greatness of Jesus.
    • Worship can happen even when a trial rages
  2. We can know God by looking at Jesus (15-17)
    • Jesus brings God close (this is the Christmas story)
      • Jesus is non-created- but the creator
      • Jesus keeps creation from turning into chaos
      • Jesus can subdue chaos
  3. When we are part of the church, we are attached to Jesus’ power and authority (1:18)
    • If you feel disconnected from Jesus- look at your relationship with the church.
    • This head of the church defeated death
  4. Trust in God’s plan to reconcile all things (1:19-21)
    • All things are not reconciled
    • But will be soon by making peace
    • The cross is a critical shifting point in God’s plan of restoration


Identify a place in your life that makes it difficult to trust God.

Remind yourself that Jesus, who is the Creator, is also on your side

Remind yourself that the Cross is part of the process of God setting things straight in this broken world.

Discussion Questions


  1. In this message, Pastor Rusty reminds us that when we are shaken by this world’s pressures, we must focus on Jesus’ nature and identity. As we do this, we improve our understanding of our identity and the majestic identity of Jesus our true king. How can understanding who Jesus is and who we are changing our perspective during challenging times?
  1. Paul’s strategy for dealing with life’s challenges is to make a big deal out of Jesus. How well are you doing that?
  1. Paul was writing the book of Colossians from prison. He illustrates how true worship can happen even amid our trials. Think back to a past challenge that eventually prompted you to worship God. What helped you gain the perspective you needed to worship?
  1. Pastor Rusty makes the point that Jesus brings God close. Connecting with Jesus can subdue the chaos in our lives. Evaluate a stressful situation in light of the fact that Jesus wants to subdue the chaos in your life.
  1. When we are part of the church, we are attached to Jesus’ power and authority. How has God used your relationship with Concord to help connect you with Himself?
  1. Pastor Rusty observes that Jesus, as the head of the church, has already defeated death. How can understanding this reality change our view of death?
  1. Jesus will reconcile all things to himself by making peace through his blood on the cross. What in your life needs to be reconciled by God today?
  1. The cross is the critical shifting point in God’s plan of restoration. Through Jesus’ death, we can be presented to God without blemish and free from accusation. How can understanding this truth change our perspective and restore us?


  • Identify an area where you find it difficult to trust God. Commit that area to God and ask Him to help you entrust that area to Him.
  • Make a list of several practical steps God wants you to take in this area.
  • Remind yourself that Jesus, the Creator, is on your side. Thank God for that reality.
  • Remind yourself that the Cross is part of God’s process of setting things straight in this broken world. What area or areas of your life do you need to allow God to set straight? Prayerfully submit them to God right now.

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