Carolyn Amen

I attended church with my family as I grew up in St. Louis.  At age 9, I accepted Jesus as my Savior.  I truly understood it as a child, but later, around age 16, I realized that it was about more than just believing; it was about making Christ your center, your basis for everything in your life.  It was about faith that He is always there, always available to help in times of sorrow or happiness.

I have been married to Larry for over 46 years.  We have a son, Chip, who lives in Richmond, VA, with his wife, Christina, and four of the cutest grandchildren ever!  KJ, 15; Kiersten, 13; Kendall, 11, and Kassidy, 8.

I have been a member of Concord for 46 years. I enjoy the family relationships that I have had through the years with many different people at Concord.  I especially enjoy the music programs and continue to participate in the missions and outreach.  I served as mission director for 12 years and love sharing Jesus’ love with others.

Having served on the Advisory Council – I have enjoyed helping share ideas that could make Concord even better.

One of the important Bible verses for me is Philippians 4:6 “Do not worry about anything, but in all your prayers, ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart.”

A strength I bring to the Leadership team is that I feel I have a good relationship with members of Concord and am willing to represent their feelings or concerns while looking to the future for Concord.