Practically Speaking
Rusty Wirt   -  

Title: Practically Speaking

Main Verse: 1 Peter 4:7-11

Key Thought: The early church had a curious response to its season of persecution. When it felt like the world was ending, they decided to love one another. Instead of building bunkers, they threw open their doors and invited people over for dinner. Likewise, if we are to follow Jesus’ ethic of love, then we ourselves must develop some practical disciplines that are focused on those around us. Here, the Apostle Peter gives us some helpful instructions on how to do this.

Big Idea of this Series:

One of our best expressions of loving God is by loving His Church and loving people toward the church.

Supporting Points:

  • The end is imminent (4:7).
  • This could happen at any moment.
  • God views time differently than we do.
  • Our goals are clear (4:7-10).
  • Be clear headed and Sober minded (a hendiadys)
  • Do this so you can pray (prayer requires a mental focus)
  • Love each other.
  • Offer hospitality without grumbling.
  • using your gifts
  • serve others.
  • God’s grace in various forms
  • This is all for God (4:11)



  • Pray for clarity.
  • Seek for an opportunity.
  • Share for God’s glory.

Main Verses: 1 Peter 4:7-11



  1. Pastor Rusty reminds us of how when the early church was persecuted instead of building bunkers, they threw open their doors and invited people over for dinner. He says if we are going to follow Jesus’ example of love, we must develop practical disciplines which focus on those around us. How are you showing God’s love to your neighbors, co-workers and friends?
  1. In verse 7 of today’s text, Peter reminds us that the end could come at any moment and God views time differently than we do. How should our thinking as Jesus’ followers be changed if we understand Christ could return at any time?
  1. In verse 10 we are reminded to, “Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling.” Why would Jesus warn us not to grumble when we show others hospitality?