I Love My Church
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I Love My Church

As Christ followers, we must clarify our relationship with our local church. Here at Concord, we believe church is not like a product you buy or a service you use. Church is not like choosing a grocery store or a car brand. We don’t choose a church because it satisfies our immediate urges. Rather we believe that the Church is a gathering of people on a mission with the message of the Gospel. So, if we are to be successful in this mission of sharing this message, we must refuse to be consumers of the church. On the contrary, we must consistently see ourselves as contributors. We must settle with the fact that we are saved to serve. We are not here to sit and soak but to step up and step out. So, we are inviting you to not just like church- but to love it! You do two critical activities in the Kingdom of God by loving the church. You are loving God and loving others. And according to Jesus, these are the two greatest commands we can follow.

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