March 9 – Week of Prayer – Day 7 – Noelson and Edna Chery

Jeff Wells   -  

Day Seven: Noelson & Edna Chery

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Their worship leader is 16 years old. They meet in a karate studio. The sermon is in English, or Haitian Creole, or sometimes both. But the most unusual thing about Philadelphia’s First Haitian Metanoia Baptist Church might be this: Noelson Chery and his wife Edna never had any intention of starting this church. And yet here they are, baptizing new believers and watching God grow a very unexpected church plant.


  • Noelson to have time and energy to devote to First Haitian Metanoia Baptist Church.

  • A dedicated space where their new church can meet and do ministry.

  • Growth of mentoring relationships between young and older believers in the church.