March 7 – Week of Prayer – Day 5 – Alayu & Yegile Dubale

Jeff Wells   -  

Day Five: Alayu & Yegile Dubale

Denver, Colorado

There was a time when Alayu Dubale would’ve described Lemma Azene as his “chief persecutor.” That’s because 40 years ago in Ethiopia, when a teenage Alayu gave his life to Christ, Lemma was the one who sent him to jail. Now, however, Alayu and Lemma are best friends who along with their families are planting churches that are making Jesus known to the 50,000 Ethiopians who’ve come to live in Denver.


  • Encounters that will turn into witnessing opportunities.

  • A new, more suitable building where Alayu’s church can meet and do ministry.

  • God to grow not just Alayu’s church plant, but the two additional works they’ve launched.